Many Reasons Why The Beautiful Ones Also Cry

Beauty Comes With Challenges

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Every girl loved to be beautiful and admired.

Being beautiful comes with many challenges – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good

A beautiful girl get all the attention at school, work, and everywhere.

It is common to gain a celebrity status because they are highly favored by men, both young and old.

A lot of people wants to be your friend.

They are proud to display you like a hard-won trophy.

Others try to live out their fantasies by clinging to you and bragging about you as much as they can.

Besides, rich men want to buy your attention and affection just to boost their ego.

They consider a pretty girl another plaque to display on their walls.

You become the “golden fish” without a hiding place wherever you go.

The Bad

A pretty face can easily draw a lot of hate from those suffering from inferiority complex.

The intimidated ones will judge you solely based on your looks, irrespective of your abilities and capabilities.

Others wil stop at nothing to prove that your beauty is artificial. They are so sure that you did a facelift, botox, boob jobs, etc.

They might make you uncomfortable, tag you with labels, or start a smear campaign to embarrass you.

Your presence in an environment can trigger some competition.

One or two girls might want to dress up just like you in order to match up or grab attention.

The Ugly

At parties or gatherings, ladies will pull their men close to avoid any interaction with you.

They may ignore you, gossip and engage in small talks in your face to annoy and upset you.

Men who are intimidated by beauty will cleverly avoid you. They concluded that you are a high-maintenance girl.

At some point, you might wonder if your your beauty is a blessing or otherwise.

Unfortunately, you may not understand the reasons for the hostilities.


Be strong.

Don’t allow your endowment to get into your head.

Use your gift for a good cause.

Be humble, be calm

Walk away from toxic people and environment.

Do not attract unnecessary attention to yourself.

Stand your ground. Resist intimidation.

Be grateful for who you are and what you have.

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How to Recognise Your Food – Is it Junk or Real?

Real food comes from the garden.

It is free of chemicals and additives. Humans have eaten it for decades.

It is a single ingredient, unprocessed food.

It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that are helpful to your heart by reducing inflammation.

Processed foods are obtained from laboratories and are genetically modified and can cause infertility and organ damage.

In processing, nutrients, vitamins and fibres are removed and unhealthy levels of sodium, sugar and fats are added.

While the addition of these ingredients makes the food taste better, too much can lead to serious health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer etc.

The Process

Different methods are used. They are usually frozen, canned, dried, baked or pasteurized.

Artificial colouring, chemical flavoring and other additional chemicals are not always listed on the labels.

Processed Foods to Avoid

Cookies, potato chips, milk, cereal, bread, frozen dinners, margarine, dried fruits, bacon, granola bars, instant ramen, ketchup, fruit snacks, flavored nuts etc.

What to do

Read the labels

Watch out for terms like dextrose, maltose, trans fats and hydrogenated oil.

Cut down on added sugar in any form

Limit alcohol consumption

Avoid vegetable oils

Ear more vegetables and fruits

Limit processed food.


This post is for information purposes only. This is not a medical advice.

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Welcome To The Seven Wonders of The Real World

You Cannot Ignore It

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The “Real World” means different things to different people.

It has become a doctrine, a reality or an experience by individuals or groups.

The Children’s World

A utopian world where parents raised children in the bubble of their protective domains.

A world where you are shielded from the vagaries of life.

No responsibilities, no bills. Adequate provision, protection and preservation.

Living Alone

It feels empowering to be by yourself, but that also means that you are in control of your destiny.

You will experience the practical side of life.

You will have to follow standard rules and regulations by conforming to societal standards.

A Mean World

Only you care about your emotions. No one else.


Only the fittest survives. Intense and constant race to nowhere, no finish line.

You might not get what you want at first.

With hardwork, dedication, improved skillset, experience and exposure you will get to the top.


The real world is synonymous with adulthood.

No more assistance with money and supplies.

A world of actions, and consequences, cause and effects.

If you fail an examination you will take it again.

Failure to pay rent, you will be ejected.

Money is not easy to come by.

You will be mature, strong, and tough mentally and emotionally.

You will overcone disappointments, struggles and heartbreaks.

Married Life

You have the singular honour to really know the man or woman you got married to.

Theìr may be fights, arguments, and name calling.

Good days and bad days. Sadness and joy. Sickness and health.

Living In a Foreign Country

Forget about your culture, traditions and way of life.

You will learn to cope with weather, environment, lifestyles and worldviews.

You will learn new skills, adapt to times, seasons, societal standards and norms.

No parents, friends or family members to run to when things become tough.


Be prepared, be respectful.

Save for the rainy day.

Avoid debts.

Always do the right thing.

Be a person of integrity.

Take card of your health.

Stick with the right people. Those who love and care about you.

Focus on what matters in life.

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Ask, Seek, & Knock, The Surest Way To Be Inspired


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There are enormous benefits in asking questions. No doubt.

But what happens when you fail to ask the right questions?

You Will Fall for Lies

You will consume fake news, untruths, and deception easily.

You Will Lack Inspiration

Without answers, you will be left in the dark, and be deprived of the desirable knowledge and personal development.

You Will Be Ignorant

You may not know what is going on especially in the world of science and technology.

You will depend and act on second-hand information.

You Will Be Manipulated

You may be brainwashed, and can develop ideological extremism.

The informed minds will take advantage of your condition.

You Would Not Be Able To Do The Right Thing

Without the right information, you may not be able to make the best decisions.

Life Would Be Dull & Uninteresting

You you not be mentally challenged. You may lack problem-solving skills.

You May Be Disobeying God’s Commands



Ask, you will have answers

Seek, you will find

Knock, the door of knowledge shall be opened for you.

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Parents, Save A Generation,Teach Tolerance

Demonstrate It

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Did you know that tolerance will keep suicide numbers down?

Yes, peopke are taking their own lives because of low level of tolerance.

Marriages are breaking for little strains.

Great examples are the best teacher.

You cannot give what you don’t have.

Let the children know that life is not all about them.

Pride and self-centeredness are twin brothers.

Sometimes, their expectations may not be met.

Sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

This understanding will reduce drama in their lives.


They will act civil, earn respect, and be happy.

They will enjoy the peace and hate aggression.

The will not entertain suicidal thoughts.

They will treat others with respect, and would expect same.


A little example goes a long way.

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How To Structure Your Life For Productivity

Define Your Expectations

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Productivity is a mental condition. Every invention is a product of man’s vivid imagination.

You need to answer the difficult questions first, for example, What is my mission, purpose and objective?

What conditions are suitable for my productivity? What are my stimulants?

Your stimulation could comes from inspiration or role models in your life.

Then find out your likes and dislikes, your youthful passions.

Ask your friends and family members to confirm what they think you should do.

Get a firm picture and draw out a solid plan of action.

Follow your Instincts, believe in your 6th sense.

Consider your personal needs.

Step out anyhow.


Maintain focus always

Do one thing at a time

Do not be in a rush

Set a standard of quality rather than quantity.

Avoid time wasters

Major in the essentials and keep showing up.

Hold yourself accountable at all times.

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Would You Like To Be E.N.T.J?

Unravel The Quiz

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There are 16 personality types, which is yours?

This is one of the little things that matter.

There are scores of personality type quizzes you can take today that will help you learn about yourself.

Would you try to find out? That is a challenge.

It may answer some lingering questions about why you act the way you do?

Are you impulsive, vibrant, entertaining, and a lover of people? Are you opinionated, bold, and obtrusive?

Why are you always calm, calculating, unassuming, and thoughtful?

Why do you hate bullies and aggressors?

Are you capable of defending yourself when the need arise?

Below are certain characteristics of ENTJ.

Extroverted, N-intuitive, Thinking, Judging.

They are outgoing, socially confident, highly motivated, and focused individuals.

They perform well as entrepreneurs, attorneys, administrators, accountants, and politicians.

It is easy for them to enjoy the respect and confidence of the people they lead because they are open-minded and committed to the greater good.

Commanders are natural leaders who possess the drive and imagination to succeed in whatever they set their minds to do.

They enjoyed making decisions with positive impacts.

They possess the ability to think logically and act strategically with dispatch.

Achieving their set goals solely based on their intuition and imagination is a great strength.

Because of their outgoing traits, they are able to get things done faster with precision and clarity.

Emphathy, kindness, and listening are some of the other outstanding attributes with which they are comfortable.

Amongst the famous ENTJ’s are, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates, and George Clooney.

It’s not unsual for people to call them names because of their love for work and productivity.

That is a clear reminder of their core values.


Find out your personality traits today.

Wake up to some unknown realities.

Do something about your findings.

Begin to make a positive difference with your trait in your little corner.

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How To Overcome Your Depression By Adopting New Truths

Cheer Up

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Nobody wants to live with depression:

It depletes your energy, obliterates your hopes, and diminishes your expectations.

You can defeat depression:

Your situation is not a death sentence.

Change your self-talk.

Do away with negativity.

Accept the uncomfortable truth that the solution lies within you.

Take charge. Work on your passion.

Help others, volunteer at schools, nursing homes, set big goals, expect great results.

Appreciate your life. Be deliberate about your happiness.

Change your environment, go to new places, meet new people, get excited.

Learn a language. Be inspired by nature’s beauty.

Invest in your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Walk, Run, exercise, go outside. Inhale and Exhale.

Avoid loneliness and seclusion.

Reach out to friends and family members. Make phone calls, attend gatherings.

Show gratitude.

You are winning.

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What Is The Gifted Man’s Dilemma? Pride Or Freewill?

Courage Leads To Confidence

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Gifted men and women possess natural abilities to perform very well in many areas of life.

Their unusual intellectual qualities put them ahead of their peers because of their strong sense of curiosity and determination.

They combine a blend of emotional maturity, internal motivation, enthusiasm and drive to achieve the seemingly impossible tasks.

They are not afraid to fail and are fully aware of their potential.

However, rules and regulations turns them off. They are mostly concerned about getting results.

Often, they appear to see farther ahead of time.

They are always able to make uncommon and unpopular decisions that will abnormally set off chains of reactions.

They are quick to understand, interpret and unravel complex situations – that is why they find it easy to break new grounds and bring about positive changes in their societies.

They are relenting and unapologetic about their goals, visions and missions.

Are you a gifted man or woman?

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Why Your Succes Is Not Complete Without These People

Locate Them Without Delay

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Success is teamwork. In your quest for success, you need the following people on your team.


Will impart to you the art of war and how to fight and win. Winning is an art that must be cultivated, learned, and internalized for success to take place.

Warriors may sometimes be ruthless and swift in their operations.

They will teach you the importance of careful planning, consultation, strategizing, implementation and consolidation.


Professionals who have mastered their crafts.

They understand every trick in the book, they will show you what you need to do to get to the top of the game and remain there.

Watch out, they might be tough to deal with at first, bear in mind that they mean well.


Full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of their respective disciplines.

They recognize your capabilities, and will maximize your potential, take you on a ride to experience the highs and lows of your chosen field.


Will inculcate the desired mental and emotional disciplines with real-life drilling with the necessary equipment, to guide, stimulate and supervise your activities until your best version emerge.

They believe in the maxim of “No pain, no gain”.


They possess the hands-on experience and practical evidence with the right template to push you to step out and perform.

You will be taught how to get your hands dirty.

They believe in tough love.

You might get a little kick at the right time, just to put you in shape.


Naysayers, doubters, and haters. They provide the fuel for your engine to run without running out of steam.

The believe that you cannot make it.

You will need to prove them wrong.


They support, encourage, and comfort you at all times.

Furthermore, they believe in your dreams, hopes and aspirations.

They share in your sadness, joy, and victories.

They provide refreshments when you need it.

Consider them the most important members of your team.

For a sweet success, you need to prove them right.


Understand each person’s role.

One person can perform more than one role.

Pay attention to your mentors.

Choose wisely, be diligent, do what you are told.

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For A Great Life, Take Care Of These Items

Take A Look Today

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

Your Family – Blood is thicker than water.

Your Health – Health is wealth, without good health every plan is a mirage.

Thoughts – You will become what you think.

Your Actions – There are consequences.

Your Time – Time is the currency of life, don’t waste it.

Your Reactions – You don’t have to catch a ball thrown at you. Allow it to drop and roll away.

Your Words – Angry words are dangerous words.

Your Friends – Evil communication corrupts good manners.

Your Opportunities – Opportunity once lost can never be regained.

Where You Go – Princes don’t roam the streets.

What You Look At – You can be changed by what you see.

What You Ask For – You might get it.

Eternity – There is Life after death.


Do what you can, as much you can, when you can.

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